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New release, summer 2016.

“I still
love you, but more like the way I love my sister.” Those were the words that crushed all of Grace’s hopes and dreams in one foul swoop. Her life was put on hold and after nine months of waiting around, she found out the truth. Kevin was a liar and nothing he had said to her was ever the truth. True love couldn’t be real, because she had never known how it felt to be loved.
Waiting for her life to change she decided to take a leap into the big unknown, take a new job in London and make that trip to LA without Kevin or his extra baggage. She was not looking for love, but it found her, she was not looking for him, but she found him and bumping into business tycoon, Alec Richards’ breakfast and knocking it across the restaurant floor was one of the best things to happen to her, even if at the time she didn’t know it.

“Maybe I am your Kryptonite.” He smiled slightly, his warm brown eyes seem to dance in the sun.

“Or I am yours,” I replied.

Whether she wants to or not, the forces seem to be working in her favour and the holiday she started out alone, soon turns into an adventure of the heart. Discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Alec Richards has woken her beaten and battered heart and brought it back to life. Everything tells her it is too soon, that she could get hurt again, but her heart has a mind of its own…

After all, if a heart that has been battered and broken is so ready to love again, then I have no choice but to trust it.

Will the flames flicker out when they return to London, or will the oils that had soothed her, fuel the fire that burned so brightly on the other side of the pond? One thing she knows for sure, Alec Richards has changed her life, whether he is there forever or for a fleeting moment, she will never be the same again.

A tale of two different worlds, two different lives being burst open and entwining together, Grace is certain that Alec is her happy ever after and that no matter what happens, he owns her heart now, completely.

Forget Me Never by M J Rutter via @AmazonUK

Double trouble in the form of the Andrews twins, Declan is a brain stuck at a gifted academy and hates his life. Dylan is stuck at home, struggling through school, failing Math but the most valuable player on the football team, he also hates his life. It is the only thing these boys have in common. But a trip home for the holidays can change everything.

What these boys do can been seen two ways, it can be seen as a carefully orchestrated plan filled with geniality or just plain stupid, either way, the fall out is almost catastrophic.

A new rock star romance. Kaden and Skylar are neighbours, they hate each other, but that hate is soon replaced with frustration and an intense attraction to each other, Silver Bay is his hideaway, but for Skylar its her home and this good looking stranger she felt, was the last thing she needed, the thing is, he was just what she needed. He has a few secrets though and when all is revealed, will she be enough and will he be her everything?

Time To Breathe

Imagine having it all, fame, fortune, a hunky fiancé and on top of that, to be adored by millions. Imagine how it would feel to have it all blow up in your face by way of public humiliation, what would you do? Waiting by the car stands Hunter Pearson, the limo driver. As his boss and world famous pop star, Sydney Marx runs towards him, he has no idea what has happened. She tells him she needs to get away and he just drives. She pleads with him to take her away from everything just for a few days and eventually he gives in, taking her to his home. A farm in Up-State New York where his daughter, Callie, lives with his parents. Bringing home visitors is new for loner, Hunter, and when that one visitor is a famous pop star, he is surprised by his family's reaction to her. They adore her and accept her into their home. Hunter is not exactly the host of the year and Sydney has more issues than he would care to know about. Will they find a common ground, or will it all end in fireworks? via @AmazonUK

Lunar Ryce Soul Collector.


She has a decision to make, will she choose her destiny?


They need her, they need you, all you have to do is say yes! 

Lunar's journey continues, travelling to new realms where she meets new and exciting beings, but inside she only wants one person in her life, Elias. Will they? Won't they?

Out Now

Lunar Ryce, Soul Savior has arrived and launched.

I am very proud to announce that the third book in the Sheol Legacies successfully launched on December

    Living with her choice is breaking her heart. Lunar cannot just move on and forgot who she had to leave behind and neither can she live with the choice she had to make.    
    Everyone around her is trying to help her see that she has to move on, but she can't, not when the night comes with its never ending nightmares as if that fateful day is on repeat in her head, she can't let it go.  
    Sheol is desperate for her to return to work, souls need collecting and life needs to return to normal. The only thing she is certain of is her love for Elias and though its forbidden, she will find a way for them to be together. 
    Debts have to be paid and when an innocent is stolen, ripped from their hands, revenge seems the only way forward, but what of her love, what of her destiny?

    Sheol needs her but her choice has been taken away...for Lunar, time is running out.

I, Immortal The Series, Book 1 is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel sites for Kindle and  Nook copies. Paperbacks will be available from the middle of October.


Amelia and Peter have to take their children  and run again. After years living from day to day, never knowing how long they could stay, how long they could hide, he has found them again. Cornelius, the leader of the ruthless Fallen army has searched everywhere for them and the site of him at the local supermarket makes Amelia's blood run cold.


Raised by an order of nuns after being left on the step of a convent in 1659, Amelia went on a journey to discover who she was. A story of love, loss and a journey of life. Will the world ever be ready for them?


If they passed you on the street, would you know them? Would you think they were any different to you? They look like everyday people, they love like us and they can have children, but unlike us they can live forever, imagine the possibilities.


The second book in the I, Immortal series has been re-vamped and re-released introducing some new characters and a few changes in the storyline.

The third in the I, Immortal series brings about the war to end all wars. Amelia will tolerate most things, but mess with her children, then there will be hell to pay.

Catch up with Amelia and Peter in the world of the Humangels once more.

Summer Rain is a novel set in Dorset, my home county on the south cast of England.

The wettest UK summer in over a hundred years proves to also be the hottest for a young Dorset girl. Kelsey Spires has agreed to spend three weeks at her Aunt’s, when she meets a local’s cousin, her whole world is blown wide open. A romance blossoms, storms are brewing and the fall out when two different worlds collide, is almost catastrophic.

Set in the beautifully scenic county of Dorset, on the south coast of England, this is a virtuous story of love, lust and lots of rain, showing you that there is so much more to do when its pouring down outside.

                                                     via @amazon

Cruel Winter, the sexy sequel to Summer Rain is out now. I am so happy to be able to continue this story and to be perfectly honest with you, I love Kelsey and Jeremy so much, I am having a hard time letting them go. Summer Rain was such a hit, I couldn't wait to release the sequel.

Here is the link to Amazon for the Kindle copy.

You didn't honestly think I was done with Kelsey and Jeremy, did you?

After the patter of tiny feet disrupts their lives  beyond belief, marriage is proving to be harder than they thought. Jeremy is slogging his guts out at work and Kelsey is taking care of their son, who is extremely sick and the strain takes its toll. She adores her husband and son, but she feels she is losing a battle she can't win and Jeremy feels he can do nothing right. A misunderstanding could tear them apart once more, how many more bumps are there in the road for this couple?

Ben Marshall thought he was clever, when he duped gang lord Jock Mackenzie into cleaning the serial number off of ten million pounds worth of diamonds, just so that he could take them and leave, he discovered he was wrong. 

Dragging his girlfriend Lisa with him they hit the road and run, they run until they get to her home town of Bournemouth. They lie low for a few days before hopping a ferry to Jersey so they can escape England and Jock forever.

Hot on their trail is Vic and Mason, two retired Heavies looking to make a quick bob on what they thought was going to be an easy job. They also thought wrong.

Chasing the diamonds to the USA, they are not comfortable when everything around them seems to be getting on their nerves, proving that maybe they are just too old for this job.

A fast paced story that will have you cheering on the bad guys, who aren't actually the bad guys after all. Spanning across the pond and filled with wit and humour. People have died because of these diamonds, all they can do is run.

Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

I'd like you to meet Aiden Kramer. An eighteen year old school graduate who is about to embark on the biggest lesson he can take in life, love. Leaving school a virgin only seemed to bother his best friend, who had told most of the senior class in an attempt to get him laid before the summer ended. Only Aiden wasn't interested, it didn't seem that important, not when his mother was sat in a hospice in what they call a Waking Coma, which means that her eyes are open, but there is no one home. So why would getting laid be important at all. His father was always too busy to be there for him and his older sister had her own life, so he ha Joel and his zombie mother, he didn't need anything else. At least, that's what he told himself to get through the day.


At his graduation ceremony his History Rachel Keller takes pity on the fact that his father wasn't there for him and invites him out to dinner. Aiden accepts and after a wonderful evening he kisses her goodnight, a moment of insanity raged his body and risked a slapped face, but it was so worth it. The he runs away, running away from her, afraid of her rejection and of her wrath. When he gets home, she is waiting for him...


Aside from a steamy relationship flourishing between them, aside from the lovers spats that keep getting in the way, or her reluctance to tell him how she feels about him, aside from all of that, the story takes a serious turn when Samantha, Aiden's older sister goes missing after a huge fight with her long term boyfriend.


Follow Aiden on this incredible journey, learning that life isn't cookie cutter perfect and mistakes can ruin everything. Lessons need to be learned.


Available on all Amazon sites in Kindle and Paperback





Andi Harper has it all, a successful writing career, a no strings lover whenever she wants and the best friend in the world, Mike Tanner. They had been friends since she moved to the sleepy town of Sulphur when she was just 13 years old. A friendship that is about to be pushed all boundaries, and why. One man has owned Andi's heart, Laine Thomas. Can Mike's friendship take the strain of her relationship with Laine again? He bought her back to say goodbye, to let him go and it blew up in his face.


Read this heartfelt story of Andi, this is no ordinary love story. Available now at Itoh Press - Follow the link.

After 3 very long years I finally finished the sequel to Shadows Lost. Will Andi get her happy ever after, he road is long and arduous, surely she has already seen enough heart break and turmoil, revelations are revealed and the more she discovers, the more she realizes that everyone she has ever known has lied to her.

Daniel O'Toole has a secret, one that has plagued his life for twenty years. Now he has to come home, it's time the truth came out whether he wants it to or not.

Read the exciting book Back to Innocence, out now on Amazon. via @amazon