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Melissa J Rutter-Author

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The  only thing I don't like to write!

So here's my bit, I am not good at talking about myself, so I will do my best.

I grew up in the seaside town of Bournemouth with my mum and two brothers. Life was tough for us because she raised us alone and we were broke way back in the eighties with hideous clothes and awful pop music from bright green socks to ra ra skirts. Yep, it was just like it is today.

I left home in 1997 and headed to America on the Au Pair program, where I lived with a lovely family up in New Hampshire as a nanny for a year. I still have contact with the kids today, the eldest is now 21, who knew they would actually grow up too.

I made some amazing friends in America from all over the world and I still talk to them today. I met my husband, Franie, in 2000 and we married in 2001, since then we have had two children  and I have never been happier. We have moved often and still can't seem to settle, I think I know why, my heart is in Texas, I have family there and have visited them several times, not nearly enough though. I think my feet might stop itching when I finally get there to settle down.

I have been writing since I could hold a pen, ideas are constantly rattling around in my head and I can't seem to stop them not that I want them to stop. I actually have fifteen completed novels and three in progress, sometimes I work on all three at once. I have been through a lot, heartbreak shadowed my life for a long time, but I survived, when the clouds turn black and your whole life crumbles, you can get through it. I know so many survivors. I have suffered with RSD, that's Regional Pain Syndrome, formally known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, since 1990 after an accident at work. My hands constantly burn and are extremely painful,  I don't sleep with them so being a writer has its advantages and I work through it, I dose up on pain killers and fight on, I can't give up and I do not intend to.